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May 28, 2020

Dear Parents,

Please be advised that we have had to make the difficult decision not to operate our summer program.

We have been preparing, program planning and keeping up to date with Licensing and AHS changes in order to be ready to open.

Unfortunately, the Ranchlands Community board of directors is not prepared to give us the go ahead to occupy our space.  We have been in contact with them since mid-May trying to inform them of what is required of us.  They have concerns regarding Covid and are not prepared to give us a definite Yes or No until after June 5 (approximate date).   We have been asking for May 29 for their answer.

We understand that this will present hardships for many families and are sorry for any difficulties that this presents.  This was not an easy decision for us.  We attempted to relocated for the summer however due to covid we could not find anything.

If you have registered for the summer, all monies paid to us will be refunded.  Please ensure your home address so that we can send refunds in the mail.

We will now spend this time preparing for the upcoming school year.  Thank you for your patience and support during this uncertain time.

Kindest regards,
Juli and Laura-Lee,

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