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Ranchlands Children Come First Association                                         November 20, 2021

Dear Parents,

This letter is to inform you that we will be increasing our fees for all families by $25.00 monthly commencing January 1, 2021.  Kids Come First hasn’t increased our fees since 2017.   Our program fees have been consistently lower since we opened in 1993.  At this point, we will still remain lower.  Please see the list below of comparable programs that offer school age care.

Kids Come First, like many programs has seen a decrease in enrollment, however our monthly expenses such as rent and insurance hasn’t decreased.  Staffing has remained consistent as we have needed to accommodate multiple cohorts.

Here is a list of comparable programs monthly fees that are licensed and offer school age care:

Monkeyville                       $635 AM/PM

Dalhousie Community    $520 AM/PM     $407 PM                                              Kinder $875

Summit Kids                       $605 AM/PM     $485 PM              $399 AM

Fit Kids                                  $799 AM/PM                                                                     Kinder $1399

Adventurers                      $535 AM/PM                                                                     Kinder $970

Varsity                                  $530 AM/PM     $490 PM              $276 AM              Kinder $895

January – June 2021 fees will be set as:

AM only: $400.00                                                                              PM only: $400.00

AM/PM: $450.00

Kinder Care: $775.00

If you have given postdated cheques please send additional cheques for the difference.  Should you wish to discuss this further, please contact us via email  kcf93@telus.net.

We hope you understand and will continue to support us!


Kindest Regards,
Juli McManus and Laura-Lee Kowal, Operators and Directors

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