Emergency Phone : 403-241-3052 - Follow voicemail for further instructions

Important Dates to Remember
October 30 – no school CBE
November 11 – Remembrance Day – Closed
Nov 20 – no school CBE
Dec 4– no school CBE
Dec 18 – Last day of classes for – Ranchlands, St. Rita, Banff Trail, Cambrian, Evanston, Buchanan and Hawkwood.
Non school day for Bowcroft and Highwood

Please check your child’s school calendar for individual school closures!

Closed for the Winter/Christmas Break Dec21– January 3, 21

Please note that due to Covid, we cannot combine locations at this point and the CBE will not permit us to be in the schools!  We will not offer care at the Ranchlands program for these days due to low enrollment.

January 4- Schools resume except for Buchanan

Jan 29 – CBE and St. Rita no school

February 11/12 – Teacher’s Convention
February 15- Family Day / Closed

Spring Break Dates- Child care TBA
CBE March 26-April 6
St. Rita – April 2-April 12
Closed April 2 – Good Friday
Closed April 5 – Easter Monday

Parent Handbooks are available for you to review on our website kcf93@telus.net!


Dear Parents,

All programs are now in full swing, busy and active!  The staff and children have adapted well to Covid restrictions.  Highlights include – Kids Clubs, crafts and the outdoors.  The staff and children have been active program planning! Suggestions are welcome.

Friendly Reminders:
Month at a Glance – The staff have worked hard throughout the month creating a variety of activities for your child.  Your emailed month at a glance newsletter highlights some of these activities and gives you the opportunity to view photos of the program.

Indoor shoes are mandatory – it is a licensing requirement!! Label your child’s shoes boots, jackets and back packs.

Non-school days are not included in your monthly fees.  A charge of $20.00 per day is charged to help cover the extra cost of staffing. A signup sheet will be out at least 2 weeks prior to the non-school day.  A deadline will be set.  We request that you do not sign up without remitting fees. We will provide childcare for those locations with 10 or more children signed up.  At this point we cannot mix children from different locations.

Monthly fees – Fees are due on the first of each month.  Please submit your post-dated cheques if you haven’t done so yet.

Snacks and lunches – Kids Come First encourages children to bring healthy snacks and lunches for the day.  Please limit sugary treats brought to the program. It’s ok to provide a treat but remember that juices, muffins, and treats add up to a lot of sugar.

Attendance– Make sure to contact your program directly if your child will not attend.  Each location has voice mail!  It makes it really difficult if you’ve forgotten to contact us.  Do not leave a voicemail on the office line regarding your child’s attendance and please do not email the office email as we may not address phone messages and emails immediately.  Make sure to keep your child’s registration form up to date.

Medication – do not send prescription or over the counter medication with your child.  A medication release form must be filled out by the parent.  All medications must have the child’s name, dosage, doctor’s name on the label.  We will not administer expired medications.

Calgary’s unpredictable weather requires us to be prepared for all sorts of weather.  Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather.  Kids Come First will take the children outside during the long winter months.

Make alternate arrangements for pick up if you cannot arrive at the program by 6 pm.  Late fees also apply on poor weather days – leave ample time to arrive to the program before we close.

Juli and Laura-Lee
KCF Operators/Directors

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