Emergency Phone : 403-241-3052 - Follow voicemail for further instructions

Dear Parent, 

Thank you for your email.  We are asking for patience during this time.  We are in the process of winding down our programs along with helping out staff and some families navigate their next steps. 

Mentioned in the previous email we would not be depositing upcoming fees until we re-open. 

March fees will not be refunded as staffing, rent, insurance, wcb, etc. bills have been paid and cannot be refunded. We did not receive refunds for rent paid for any location for March fees. KCF will continue to incur monthly bills during our closure putting the program in a deficit. 

The government may have assistance for programs- we are hoping to qualify. 

As a not for profit, we have kept our fees much lower than industry average and hence income coming in is much lower than for profits.  

As for Spring Break we will give you a credit on your account.

Once again, we appreciate your patience. It does take time to adjust to our new normal. 

Kindest regards,
Juli and Laura-Lee 

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