Emergency Phone : 403-241-3052 - Follow voicemail for further instructions

Dear parents,

We hope this letter finds all of you and your families healthy and well. We understand that this mandated closure has been extremely difficult for parents, children, staff and employers, remember we’re all in this together! Time will heal.

Juli and I remain in contact with Childcare Licensing in hopes that some programs could re-open before the schools.   We’re patiently waiting to hear something positive.  We also understand that this closure is the best for everyone.  Hopefully the virus can be contained sooner than later. Daily, CTV.ca has updates on Calgary news, keep informed.

April fees will not be processed by our program at this time (continuing on, all postdated cheques will be held until we re-open.)

As a side note- many free online child related resources are available to keep children interested and occupied.  If you need some resources just ask and we can forward them to you.

We will keep you informed of updated information or changes.

Please email us if you have any questions kcf93@telus.net  and we will reply as soon as possible. 

Here is a quote from Mister. Rogers:  We Are All Neighbors

“Everybody’s different.

And there are some things

about everybody that are the same.

That’s what’s wonderful.

That’s what helps us to understand each other.

That we’ve got some things inside of us that are the same as somebody else’s.

We’re all human beings.”

Be kind to one another!

Laura-Lee Kowal & Juli McManus

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